Monday, October 3, 2011

Does Ron Paul seem like the REAL DEAL?

 We believe Dr. Paul represents the very ideals and principles under which this nation was founded and he might just be the last HOPE for America. If he were elected as President we wonder how much change he can really bring. Any decision our government makes has to be passed by the House and Senate, so Ron Paul would need the support of congress to pass any idea like ENDING THE FED, so how will Ron Paul accomplish this? Ron Paul's election campaign seems very similar to Obama's, where many promises were made, but many were not kept. Despite all of this we think republican candidate Ron Paul seems like the real deal. The media sure doesn't support him I wonder...WHY? Watch a documentary called, "OUT FOXED"


  1. This country's problems aren't political.

    You're delusional if you think electing Ron Paul will make all of the American society suddenly become humane and rational.

    What a bunch of shit.

  2. I guess you did not read the post correctly, but we understand your frustration and respect your opinion. So how can we fix this country?

  3. You are right on Anonymous, thank you!

    We are all ONE, we can govern ourselves. This is the end all message we get from Ron Paul.

    We thought Obama was different, it was between him and McCain in the mass media in '08. Ron Paul was the major 'underdog' but his message and actions were of substance for the good of humanity.
    I was young, and did not know of the corruption the media had so, I listened, we listened and let the media tell us who would win as long Bush and wars would not. Then we and the world received disastrous results from who occupied the White House.

    Ron Paul actually voted every vote for individuals, to ultimately be who they can be through self-governing ultimately discovering self-enlightenment, without laws or a government to tell you how to think.

    There are many in my group who think the same, yet the ones who are attached to the system have not yet learned. There is more to life than just being a part of a system that does not care for you as a human being.

    Nationalized healthcare and more jobs aren't going to changed anything, especially with the bills they are trying to push through to the media, that pay the banks even more. MSM is using the movement to confuse the true meaning - END THE MONIED CORRUPTION.

    This is in solidarity with the global revolution, it is the beginning of taking back our rights to humanity as Earthly beings who occupy this beautiful world.

    This is the only way the world will have peace.